At Cartwright Legacy Group (CLG), we’ve made it our mission to collaborate with clients and advisors to help them discover their potential and become incredible performers in their careers and lives.

Whether building your wealth or growing your advisory business, we combine vision and resources with value to help pursue your desired results. We have assembled teams you can trust to offer thoughtful recommendations about your financial affairs as well as work together in pursuit of your business goals.

For over 50 years, we have helped clients and advisors follow their goals

We believe in a high degree of personal attention and employ an open, trustworthy and transparent approach that offers you the knowledge and confidence to make the right financial and business choices.

At CLG, your life is our business.

CLG Legacy and History

Inspiring Potential

Within the famous Olympic Gardens in Switzerland is a metal statue that embodies the philosophy of CLG. This metal structure is a stark contrast to the other classic sculptures in the pristine garden setting, yet its true meaning is powerful. The statue has a small yellow box which represents man while a bigger blue box represents man’s potential. This statue exemplifies CLG’s mission and is part of our brand today.

Often, people feel the confinement of a small box as they struggle to reach their true potential. At CLG, it is our passion to help people explore the bigger box around them. With our guidance, and the strength of our strategic partners, we want our clients and advisors to embrace their potential in both life and business.