Helping You Through Every Phase of Your Business

Everyone has immense potential to create the business they want and the success they desire. Our mission at CLG is to collaborate with you to become an incredible performer in your career and life. For more than 50 years, CLG has helped financial advisors build, optimize and realize the equity in their businesses. Whether you want to partner with a RIA or build your business with broker-dealer support, we understand the financial advisor business lifecycle and can help you through each phase. As a hybrid RIA, CLG offers an ideal solution to financial advisors who desire flexibility in growing their businesses and more control over their clients’ investment strategies. We offer a broad range of advice driven strategies and solutions that support advisors in providing sound guidance on every aspect of their client’s financial position.

Building Value in Your Business
Often, building your business is divided between creating new relationships while still forging closer connections with your current clients. Both new advisors and experienced firms need to grow their businesses with a more sophisticated model of service. CLG is here to help you build your business.

Making Well-Established Business Even More So
Helming a well-established business can put you at the crossroads of success. You have an already successful business yet want to streamline your current practice. Whether that means changing your business model from growing your client base, mentoring additional advisors or building through acquisition, CLG has the resources and experience to optimize the value of your business.

Preparing for Succession Realizing Value
When the future of your business and your future begin to diverge, it’s time to look toward the legacy of your business. We can help you structure your business around scalable, transferable systems and processes to realize the value you have built within the firm, appeal to suitable successors, and leave behind a successful enterprise and rewarding legacy. When the time comes, we can use our vast advisors network to help you find the appropriate successor for your business too.