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Understanding Today's Affluent Investor: Managing Affluent Relationships

Less than half of the affluent clients The Oechsli Institute surveyed said they were very satisfied with the level of contact they had with their financial advisor.

Learn how to not only satisfy your most valuable clients, but turn them into raving fans.

Best Practices of Elite Teams – How do Elite Teams Generate 2X More AUM?

The latest research from The Oechsli Institute shows that advisors on elite teams aren’t just more successful but also more satisfied in their careers than their counterparts.

Why are they more likely to find the success and career satisfaction so many advisors are after? Find out by downloading a copy of Best Practices of Elite Teams.

Fiscal Cliffhanger: The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012

The Advanced Planning Group at Cetera Financial Group has prepared an analysis of the key provisions of The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012. Read on to find out how the fiscal cliff will affect you and your clients.

What Do Clients Really Think – How Elite Advisors Use Surveys to Drive Stronger Client Relationships

If you think your relationships with your clients are beyond question, think again. A client survey can be just what you need to build your business.

Market Matters: Income Strategies to Mitigate Market Volatility

Deliver stronger investment advice and market analysis to your clients with the Cetera Research team’s new white paper series, Market Matters.

Elite Advisors' Strategies for Succession Planning

Want to maximize the value of your practice? Put your clients’ minds at ease? Mitigate risk for your business? Learn how to effectively implement a succession planning strategy into your business and gain insight from some of the industry’s most elite advisors.

2011 Year End Tax Issues Review

Our Advanced Planning Group explores various strategies to reduce income taxes. Get this white paper to discover more about estate and gift tax planning now.

The Pulse of Practice Health

Want to boost your business’s bottom line? Check out eight key drivers behind the firms of some of the industry’s most elite advisors.

Marketing Tactics of Elite Advisors

This study of some of the most successful advisors will show you what marketing tactics work when reaching out to high-net-worth clients.

Cost Basis – Are Investors Paying Too Much in Taxes?

Cost basis methods can impact your clients’ tax liability. Discover how developing a keener expertise about cost basis can help you assist your clients and other centers of influence with best practices in selecting the most tax-efficient methods.

Building and Realizing Value – Success at Any Stage: Understanding the Advisor Life Cycle

Learn how to build, optimize, and realize the value developed in an independent business through this white paper.